Monday, January 26, 2009

Papercraft Miniatur Pesawat

british airways boeing

This British Airways Boeing 747-400 papercraft is modelled on the British Airways plane of the same name. The red and blue mark on the nose, referred to as the Speedbird, is the British Airways (BA) logo mark. The design of the mark has undergone changes over the years, however, the name “Speedbird” has remained the same since the days of BOAC, which was a predecessor of BA. Even today, air traffic controllers and pilots refer to BA planes not as British Airway but as “Speedbirds” in communications. The exterior view of the Boeing 747 is characterized by a two-story cabin. The cockpit is located at the front tip of the second floor, making the pilot’s eye line 8m above the ground. The first floor has no cockpit but is wholly used for passenger seating, and the shape of the pointed tip can be seen from the inside.The Boeing 747-400 measures 70.6m in length, with a 64.4m wingspan and height of 19.4m. Its maximum takeoff weight is 412.8 tons, and it can cover distances of 14,205 km.

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